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Child of Two Worlds

Fandom: Star Trek TOS
Pairing/Characters: Amanda, Sarek, Spock. Gen.
Rating: PG
Summary: Blending Vulcan and human genes isn't easy.
Words: Exactly 300
Notes: Written for ar for fandom_stocking, and because I find the idea of creating a hybrid between two such different species kind of fascinating.

When she and Sarek first decided to have a child, Amanda knew it wouldn't be easy. No one has ever blended Vulcan and human genes before, not successfully. But she didn't know it would be this hard.

The first dozen attempts are pure failures; the embryos being snuffed out before they even leave the dish. The first four that make it inside her fail to implant, the next four self-terminate before the first month has passed.

Sarek supports her as best he can, but he can't truly understand. Amanda considers giving up a dozen times over, but in the end she just can't. She has to believe that it's possible, that they're doing this for a reason. But the more time that passes with no success, the less certain she becomes.

She has almost given up hope when the miracle happens. She becomes pregnant, and stays that way. The weeks pass, and as she reaches the second trimester she begins, cautiously, to hope.

They tell her she's having a boy, and she spends hours reading to him and singing to him, hands running over her growing stomach. One day she feels him kick and scares Sarek by bursting into tears.

The average Vulcan pregnancy is forty-eight weeks, but she goes into labour at just over forty-one. She's terrified, but she needn't be. Everything goes well, and within hours her son is born, alive and healthy and here.

When the midwives place him into her arms, she feels like her heart is going to burst. He's tiny and beautiful and perfect, his Vulcan heritage already visible in the greenish tint of his skin and the slight point to his ears. On Sarek's suggestion, they call him Spock.

It wasn't easy, but, looking at him, she thinks it was definitely worth it.